May 2015

May 13 - Jim Bailey Bison Presentation at Greater Yellowstone Coalition Brown Bag Lunch


December 2014

On December 19, Gallatin Wildlife Association and the Natural Resources Defense Council hosted a great presentation by noted local author Todd Wilkinson about the "bison renaissance" that is occurring across the American West. This took place at the historic Story Mansion in Bozeman.

Here in the front we have Todd Wilkinson, and on the other side of the screen wildlife biologist Keith Aune and Montana Senator Mike Phillips, all significantly involved with bison restoration.

The place was packed, exceptional turnout, and a good time was had by all!



February 2014

Feature article in the Livingston Enterprise; Groups Seek Increased Tolerance for Bison Outside Park Boundary

From the "Lunatic Fringe' ... Montana State Veterinarian, Marty Zaluski, Proposes Hunting Bison in Yellowstone National Park

Using Indian Tribes to do the Governments Dirty Work Yellowstone National Park Proposes to Ship Up to 600 Genetically Pure, Wild Bison to Slaughter


January 2014

Jackson Hole News article by Todd Wilkinson - Installment #4: Its Time to Call a Truce In the Brucellosis Wars YES!

Native American "hunters" Exterminating Wild Bison as they Migrate Out of Yellowstone ... Almost 100 Killed So Far (Buffalo Field Campaign)

Jackson Hole News: Bison Unfairly Cast as Brucellosis Villains GOOD JOB JHN!

Wolf Killing Stopped in Idaho Wilderness

Sage Grouse Populations are at 10% of Historic Levels; Federal and State Protection Efforts are InadequateTHESE BIRDS NEED YOUR HELP

Montana Sen. Debbie Barrett (R-Dillon) Attacks the Montana Stream Access Bill BAD NEWS

Yellowstone National Park Rejects "BioBullets" for Remote Bison Vaccination! GOOD NEWS

Bighorn Sheep Endangered by Domestic Sheep ... The Road to Extinction? BAD NEWS

Montana Senator Mike Phillip's Pro-Bison Editorial ... Time for Governor Bullock to Act! GOOD NEWS

Montana Board of Livestock Votes to Restrict Expanded Bison Habitat BAD NEWS

News from 2013

19/7/2013 - Rapid City Journal - 7 bighorns die after being hit by vehicles in Montana

5/7/2013 - Billings Gazette - Management plan to stem spread of brucellosis up for review after 1st season

5/7/2013 - Northwest Public Radio - Hoof-To-Ground: Bringing Wild Bison Back To The West

30/6/2013 - Billings Gazzette - Bison are part of Montana heritage

16/6/2013 - Missoulian - Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation donates $25K to Montana FWP for wolf monitoring

14/6/2013 - West Yellowstone News - Montana DOL kills two bison within no-tolerance zone

14/6/2013 - Great Falls Tribune - BLM must study more grazing plans on Missouri River Breaks

12/6/2012 - Salt Lake Tribune - Judge says BLM underreports grazing impacts

6/6/2013 - Helena Independent - Wildlife group questions need to shoot bull bison

31/5/2013 - Summit Daily - WOTR: Bighorn needn’t lose out to oil and gas trucks

31/5/2013 - Daily Interlake - Chickens keeping bear managers busy

28/5/2013 - Helena Independent - Montana agency rules out fever in 1 bison death

21/5/2013 - Bloomberg - Bison-Loving Billionaires Rile Ranchers With Land Grab in American West

18/5/2013 - Helena Independent - State looking into deaths of two bison

17/5/2013 - Helena Independent - Survey shows elk numbers increase in Bitterroot region

15/5/2013 - Bozeman Daily Chronicle - Helicopter hazing lawsuit renewed

13/5/2013 - Montana Standard - FWP planning helps resolve bison battles

12/5/2013 - Billings Gazette - FWP moves toward Big Spring Creek land purchase

10/5/2013 - Bozeman Daily Chronicle - Wandering Bison Prompts Bison Plan Change

9/5/2013 - Wildlife News - Montana governor vetoes the last of the anti-bison bills sent to him by 2013 legislature

8/5/2013 - Flathead Beacon - All Access Pass

6/5/2013 - Bozeman Daily Chronicle - Bison management out of touch with reality

5/5/2013 - Bozeman Daily Chronicle - Dam pipes save beavers and ditches?

29/4/2013 - Bozeman Daily Chronicle - Montana Supreme Court hears Ruby River access case

29/4/2013 - Billings Gazette - Montana begins study of declining moose population

29/4/2013 - High Country News - Trappers catch a lot more than wolves

14/4/2013 - Spokeman-Review - Spokane Tribe leader fined for poaching bison in Montana

13/4/2013 - Billings Gazette - Bison shot after wandering from buffer zone

13/4/2013 - Ravalli Republic - Elk foundation to contribute funds for study

13/4/2013 - Billings Gazette - Montana Supreme Court hears bison transfer arguments at UM

13/4/2013 - Missoulian - Tribal leaders rally at UM in support of bison reintroduction

12/4/2013 - Montana FWP Commissioner Bob Ream resigns

12/4/2013 - Billings Gazette - Montana wildlife belongs to the public

12/4/2013 - KXLF - Yellowstone Ecosystem Subcommittee meeting scheduled for next week

12/4/2013 - Missoulian - Northern Rockies see sharp drop in wolves

12/4/2013 - Billings Gazette - Bison shot after wandering from buffer zone

12/4/2013 - The Western Producer - Researchers study wildlife friendly fences

11/4/2013 - KAJ18 - Bears emerging from dens in Northwest Montana

11/4/2013 - Billings Gazette - House panel OKs 'aggressive' bison management bill

10/4/2013 - Helena Independent - The Turner buffalo, the public trust and wildlife management

8/4/2-13 - Wildlife News - Grizzly Killing at US Sheep Experiment Station

7/4/2013 - Ravalli Repbulic - Misinformation about wolves in Montana warrants aggressive response from FWP

5/4/2013 - OregonLive - Captive grizzlies test containers for bear resistance in Montana

2/4/2013 - Earthfix - Washington Euthanizing Diseased Bighorn Sheep

1/4/2013 - NYTimes - On the Montana Range, Efforts to Restore Bison Meet Resistance

1/4/2013 - Blackhills Fox - South Dakota sells its Big Horn Sheep license for $102,000

25/3/2013 - Jackson HoleDaily - Pneumonia killing off Jackson-area bighorns

22/3/2013 - Freat Falls Tribune - BLM Hi-Line plan proposes protections proposed for birds, wildlands

22/3/2013 - Billings Gazette - Resource Management Plan released for BLM's Hi-Line District

15/3/2013 - Bozeman Daily Chronicle - Feds responsible for grizzly's death

13/3/2013 - Billings Gazette - Montana Lawmakers take aim at native buffalo

13/3/2013 - Bozeman Daily Chronicle - Sportsmen need answers from GOP on hunting bills

12/3/2013 - Bozeman Daily Chronicle - Tribes, wildlife advocates rally for bison

8/3/2013 - Great Falls Tribune - What happened to bear 726? Grizzly disappearance draws criticism in Montana

6/3/2013 - Alaska Dispatch - Fairbanks scientists stunned to find intact 40,000-year-old steppe bison

5/3/2013 - Livingston Enterprise - Park County appeals January bison ruling

27/2/2013 - Billings Gazette - Montanans can work together on realistic brucellosis solutions

23/2/2013 - War on Montna's Wildlife - The Transparency of the Montana 2013 Legislative Bison Crosshairs

19/2/2013 - Billings Gazette - Montana House packed for debate on 'corner crossing'

16/2/2013 - Elkodaily - Restocking the herd: Bighorn sheep brought to East Humboldt

8/2/2013 - War on Montana's Wildlife and Environment - Back from the Brink, Back to the Brink?

8/2/2013 - Missoulian - Montana wildlife experts say elk summer range 'undervalued'

7/2/2013 - Billings Gazette - Pioneer Mountain elk test negative for exposure to brucellosis

5/2/2013 - Unearthed - Attorney Persevered Like A Wolverine To Protect Them

3/2/2013 - KAJ18 - Wolverine expected to be put on Endangered Species List

3/2/2013 - Billings Gazette - War on wildlife waged in Helena

2/2/2013 - War on Montana's Wildlife and Environment - ...There Will Be a War

1/2/2013 - Billings Gazette - Cattle grazing proposed on Elk Island WMA

1/2/2013 - New York Times - 2 Bills Propose Zero Tolerance for Bison

1/2/2013 - Bozeman Daily Chronicle - Tribes, bison advocates oppose bison management bill

22/1/2013 - Independent Record - Bison shoot-on-sight bill gets mixed comment

18/1/2013 - Billings Gazette - Guest opinion: Montana sportsmen lose when wildlife's for sale

17/1/2013 - Flathead Beacon - Wolverine Protections Needed

16/1/2013 - Jackson Hole News and Guide - Yellowstone wolves down 25%
Loss of collared wolves complicates tracking and research, internal park correspondence shows.

14/1/2013 - Bozeman Daily Chronicle - Court takes up Yellowstone-area wolf harvests

12/1/2013 - Yellowstone Gate - Montana judge’s ruling gives Yellowstone bison more room to roam

11/1/2013 - Billings Gazette - Bill puts more restrictions on bighorn sheep transplants

10/1/2013 - Independent Record - FWP OKs 1st policy on brucellosis in elk

8/1/2013 - Bozeman Daily Chronicle - Judge: Bison can winter in more of Park County

8/1/2013 - Billings Gazette - Easement protects sage grouse habitat

7/1/2013 - NRDC Switchboard - Great News: Judge Upholds Expanded Bison Habitat Outside Yellowstone National Park

5/1/2013 - Billings Gazette - Fish, wildlife and politics in 2013 Legislature

3/1/2013 - Environment News Service - Bison Group’s Victory Affects All U.S. Public Records Requests

3/1/2013 - Bozeman Daily Chronicle - Tribes halt bison hunt near West Yellowstone

2/1/2013 - Wildlife News - Local judge reopens wolf hunting and trapping right next to Yellowstone Park

2/1/2013 - 8kpax.com - Yellowstone Park considering ways to manage bison

2/1/2013 - Bozeman Daily Chronicle - Groups sue FWP commission, halt wolf hunting closure

1/1/2013 - Bozeman Daily Chronicle - Column: Why the U.S. does not need a farm bill

News from 2012

31/12/2012 - Independent record - Conservation group wants Montana ranch fences modified for wildlife

27/12/2012 - Bozeman Daily Chronicle - Ranch purchase riles landowners by Parker Heinlein

23/12/2012 - Billings Gazette - Stimson sells 28K acres in Kootenai River valley into conservation easement

23/12/2012 - Bozeman Daily Chronicle - FWP considers eliminating Madison Buffalo Jump State Park

22/12/2012 - Bozeman Daily Chronicle - Montana buys ranch despite block of university money

22/12/2012 - Billings Gazette - Canada mining expansion prompts fears of pollution flowing into Montana

21/12/2012 - Bozeman Daily Chronicle - Research reveals new elk-brucellosis information

13/12/2012 - Billings Gazette - Billionaire brothers buying Montana ranches

11/12/2012 - Billings Gazette - Bridger Mountains bighorn sheep plan halted

10/12/2012 - FWP - Wolf hunting and trapping season closures

10/12/2012 - Bozeman Daily Chronicle - Montana shuts down wolf harvest near Yellowstone

9/12/2012 - Billings Gazette - Wolf trapping near Yellowstone National Park faces scrutiny

7/12/2012 - Bozeman Daily Chronicle - Local legislators discuss possible FWP bills

6/12/2012 - 9KXLH.com - State of MT wants to manage grizzly bears

6/12/2012 - Billings Gazette - Wildlife has expanded across Montana in past 50 years

5/12/2012 - Flathead Newsgroup - Wildlife and riparian habitat preserved through 640-acre FWP aquisition

1/12/2012 - Missoulian - Montana Department of Transportation lists top 5 priorities in western Montana

27/11/2012 - Billings Gazette - FWP asks for help finding poachers amid wake of carcasses, orphans

18/11/2012 - Bozeman Chronicle - FWP seeks to reintroduce bighorns in Bridger Mountains

16/11/2012 - Wildlife News - National Wolfwatcher Coalition says kill of Yellowstone Park wolves crushes this year’s wolf winter study

15/11/2012 - Billings Gazette - Bison season in Montana opens amid uncertainties

15/11/2012 - Billings Gazette - Bighorn sheep trio debuts at ZooMontana

14/11/2012 - Billings Gazette - Tester's sportsmen bill clears a Senate hurdle

13/11/2012 - Billings Gazette - Montana agencies propose 4,500-acre land acquisition

13/11/2012 - The Republic - Montana wildlife agency says company won't have to kill - but can't move - bear from mauling

9/11/2012 - Cascadia Wildlands - The Rickety Molehill Elk Federation (RMEF)

9/11/2012 - Missoulian - Circuit court declares Northern Rockies wolf-hunting case moot

8/11/2012 - Independent Record - FWP Commission gives initial approval for elk brucellosis plan

8/11/2012 - Billings Gazette - Montana wildlife commissioners endorse elk plan

8/11/2012 - Missoulian - Montana considers elk herd reductions to curb disease

7/11/2012 - Laurel Outlook - Montana bison hunt opens November 15

6/11/2012 - Bozeman Daily Chronicle - Trial wraps up on enlarged Yellowstone bison area

5/11/2012 - Missoulian - Elk management proposals are risky business

5/11/2012 - SFGate - Montana's free-roaming bison plan in judge's hands

3/11/2012 - PBS - Big Sky, Big Money

2/11/2012 - Independent Record - Some elk brucellosis proposals before FWP are controversial

31/10/2012 - Billings Gazette - Groups join fight over bridge access

29/10/2012 - PLWA - It's Time to End the Stream Access Battle in Montana

24/10/2012 - Independent Record - 2,000-year-old bison bone site mired in controversy

23/10/2012 - KAJ18 - FWP cautions drivers of wildlife dangers in Western MT

23/10/2012 - Ravalli Republic - Bullock recognizes all Montanans, Montana Environmental Protection Act

22/10/2012 - The Tribune Papers - Bison bring health and history to Asheville

19/10/2012 - Ravalli Republic - Northern Montana landowners close property to hunters, cite bison plan

19/10/2012 - The Republic - Dozens of anti-bison landowners drop out of Montana hunter access programs

11/10/2012 - Independent Record - Is brucellosis a wildlife or livestock problem? FWP hears debate over issue

10/10/2012 - MT Sierra Club - Wild Bison Facing the Storm

1/10/2012 - New York Times - A New Breed of Hunter Shoots, Eats and Tells

26/9/2012 - Range Magazine - Buffaloed

18/9/2012 - San Francisco Gate - Idaho Wool Growers sue over grazing closures

17/9/2012 - The Wildlife News - Woolgrowers deny germ theory

17/9/2012 - Missoulian - Montana, Wyoming investigate plummeting moose populations

14/9/2012 - San Francisco Gate - Wyoming tribes seek Yellowstone bison from Montana

13/9/2012 - Billings Gazette - Group seeks evidence of grizzlies in Tobacco Root Mountains

10/9/2012 - Idaho Statesman - Rocky Barker: BLM plan on Owyhee grazing written for a judge’s eye

10/9/2012 - Flathead Beacon - Rick Hill Calls for Changes in State Wildlife Management

8/9/2012 - Billings Gazette - Coyote contraception a potential alternative

5/9/2012 - National Wildlife Federation - Montanans voice overwhelming support for restoring bison

4/9/2012 - KULR8 - FWP Fish Replacement

31/8/2012 - Billings Gazette - 9th Circuit upholds Yellowstone Park bison slaughter

30/8/2012 - Mother Jones - First Purebred Bison Calf Born after Disease-Washing Embryo Transfer

30/8/2012 - Bozeman Daily Chronicle - Bison partners tour potential Gallatin habitat

30/8/2012 - USA Today - Ted Roosevelt V: Make Bison our national mammal

24/8/2012 - Bozeman Daily Chronicle - Groups file to keep Turner’s YNP bison calves wild

22/8/2012 - Great Falls Tribune - Guest opinion: Killing bison's migratory instinct

22/8/2012 - Bozeman Daily Chronicle - Gardiner residents weigh in on year-round bison plan

22/8/2012 - The Missoulian - Groups say wolf traps theaten lynx, file notice they may sue the state

22/8/2012 - The Missoulian - Feds may get freer hand to remove problem wolves

21/8/2012 - Associated Press - Grasslands reserve buys 150,000-acre Mont. ranch

20/8/2012 - NRDC - Montana Proposes Year-Round Habitat for Wild Bison Outside Yellowstone National Park

20/8/2012 - Billings Gazette - Bison meetings on tap as environmental groups offer help with fence costs

14/8/2012 - The Spokesman-Review - Bitterroot elk numbers up, despite wolves, cougars

7/8/2012 - Phys.org - Study reveals impact of historical domestic cattle hybridization with American bison

7/8/2012 - Great Falls Tribune - Public interest in bison 'unprecedented'

6/8/2012 - Bozeman Daily Chronicle - Montana is the last best place for bison to be restored as valued

4/8/2012 - Summit County Citizens Voice - Groups seek end to Montana wolverine trapping

2/8/2012 - Yale - Dreaming of a Place Where the Buffalo Roam

1/8/2012 - USA Today - Conservation groups urge Mont. to halt wolverine trapping

31/7/2012 - National Wildlife Federation - U.S. Coal Industry Export Plans Carries Heavy Risk for Northwest Communities and Nation

29/7/2012 - Missoulian - Authorities kill 2 bison wandering from Yellowstone National Park

26/7/2012 - WSJ - A Big-Sky Battle Over Bison

23/7/2012 - Missoulian - Lamb deaths, pneumonia decimate Rock Creek bighorn herd

15/7/2012 - Bozeman Daily Chronicle- Witnesses testify in Park County bison trial

11/7/2012 - The Missoulian - Bison restoration: Critics can calm their fanciful fears

4/7/2012 - Indian Country - Lakota and Others to Gather for White Buffalo Naming Ceremony

4/7/2012 - Bigfork Eagle - Montana wild bison fundraiser held in Bigfork

29/6/2012 - Matt Skoglund's Blog (NRDC) - Wild Bison in Yellowstone (Photo Essay)

28/6/2012 - Lone Peak Lookout - War on weeds

28/6/2012 - Green Answers - Bison Returned to their Ancestral Plains

27/6/2012 - The Wildlife News - Bighorn sheep rider has been withdrawn by Mike Simpson

25/6/2012 - Capitol Press - Bill blocks Forest Service phase out of sheep grazing

21/6/2012 - Mountain West News - 21/6/2012 - Restoring Montana's wild bison

21/6/2012 - The Wildlife News - Cronyism: Mike Simpson renews Bighorn Sheep Disease rider in 2013 Interior Appropriations Bill - Soulen Livestock Co. received payments totaling $1,246,818 from 1995 through 2010

20/6/2012 - Billings Gazette - Schweitzer adviser takes job as deputy director of Montana FWP

19/6/2012 - Pagosa Daily Post - OPINION: The Bison Deserve a Home on the Range

15/6/2012 - The Wildlife News - A good week for bighorn sheep in Idaho. Simpson changes his tune. (UPDATED)

14/6/2012 - Wyoming Trib - Nation should honor buffalo

14/6/2012 - The Argus Observer - Judge: Sheep can’t graze on disputed Idaho ground

13/6/2012 - Rapid City Journal - Researchers hunt for lambs to study dwindling bighorn sheep herds

13/6/2012 - Gallatin North Missourian - First Purebred Bison Born in Missouri Since the 1840s

13/6/2012 - Western Watersheds Project - Two Great Victories for Bighorn Sheep !

12/6/2012 - Billings Gazette - Gazette opinion: Absurd federal rule blocks vaccine research

5/6/2012 - Missoulian - Montana FWP seeks comment on buying 640 acres near Marshall Creek WMA

4/6/2012 - YNP Press - Yellowstone Foundation grant to Yellowstone National Park

2/6/2012 - The Wildlife News - More on the bison as national mammal. Montana oddly silent

31/5/2012 - Ravalli Republic - Public tells FWP to increase mountain lion hunt quotas

31/5/2012 - The New York Times - A Legal Battle Over Newly Returned Bison

31/5/2012 - Missoula Independent - Montana's odd silence on bison as national mammal

29/5/2012 - Ravalli Republic - Mountain lions kill collared wolves in Bitterroot

29/5/2012 - Billings Gazette - Senators ask downgrade of brucellosis pathogen

29/5/2012 - Flathead Beacon.com - Massive Bighorn Sheep Found on Wild Horse Island

25/5/2012 - Helena Independent Record - A suitable home for bison

25/5/2012 - Bozeman Daily Chronicle - Senators seek to name bison ‘national mammal’

24/5/2012 - nbcmontana.com - Montanans Sound Off On Bison Management

24/5/2012 - Bozeman Daily Chronicle - 27 bison trucked into Yellowstone

23/5/2012 - Indian Country - Native Habitat for America's Last Wild Buffalo is Guaranteed By Treaty, Tribes Say

23/5/2012 - Bozeman Daily Chronicle - FWP searches for new bison reintroduction issues

23/5/2012 - KFBB.com - Bison Scoping Meeting: "Where Are We Going With Bison?"

18/5/2012 - Bozeman Daily Chronicle - Editorial: Montana counties should stay out of wolf management

18/5/2012 - 8KPAX.com - Livestock board urged to find money for "preventing" wolf damage

18/5/2012 - Yellowstone News - Governor says judge’s order to block bison transfer unwarranted

17/5/2012 - Great Falls Tribune - We should bring back bison as wildlife in Montana

17/5/2012 - Denver Post - Guest Commentary: The Biodiversity Conservation Alliance protects wild bighorn sheep

17/5/2012 - Missoula Independent - 'Til the cows come home

16/5/2012 - Denver Post - Colorado among states struggling to stop decline of mule deer herds

14/5/2012 - High Country News - Western legislatures grab for control of public lands

12/5/2012 - Missoulian - Montana FWP to hold Missoula meeting on bison conservation plan

11/5/2012 - Missoulian - FWP gives initial OK to wolf trapping

10/5/2012 - Montana FWP - Bison Management Discussion Set for May 14 in Missoula

9/5/2012 - Billings Gazette - Montana judge blocks transfer of Yellowstone bison

9/5/2012 - Bozeman Daily Chronicle - Bison advocates claim early start to hazing puts calves at risk

8/5/2012 - Bozeman Daily Chronicle - Tribes ask state for bison management changes

8/5/2012 - KAJ18.com - RMEF spending over $250,000 to improve MT habitat

6/5/2012 - Billings Gazette - Proposed land swap in southwest Montana draws early opposition

3/5/2012 - Wildlife Conservation Society - As Natural Gas Fields Grow, Pronghorn Habitat Shrinks

1/5/2012 - Flathead Beacon - Biologists Alarmed by Declining Bighorn Sheep Population

30/4/2012 - Bozeman Daily Chronicle - Why are some intent on spoiling bison success?

28/4/2012 - Great Falls Tribune - Land managers, ranchers working to avert Big Open's sage grouse from listing

26/4/2012 - Billings Gazette - FWP working on long-term bison plan, holding meetings

17/4/2012 - RMEF - RMEF Donates for Wolf Management in Montana

13/3/2012 - Prospect.org - Wolves to the Slaughter

2/3/2012 - The Bozeman Daily Chronicle - Hearing on Bison in Gardiner Basin Rescheduled. Park Montana Farm Bureau attorney states in court that her organization views bison as "not wildlife", and that they are "infected with a bio-terroism agent". The stockgrowers have filed suit to prevent Yellowstone bison from utilizing public lands outside of Yellowstone National Park.

4/2/2012 - Billings Gazette - Bison slaughter planned if migration out of Yellowstone Park occurs

4/2/2012 - NCBA News Releases - NCBA and Sage Grouse At it annual meeting (Feb. 2012) the National Cattleman's Beef Association, led by Montana rancher Bill Donald, expressed it views that managing public lands for healthy sage grouse populations is a threat to the ranching industry.

4/2/2012 - NCBA News Releases - NCBA president Bill Donald said "the relocation of the Greater Yellowstone Area (GYA) or other federally-owned bison is a liability cattlemen aren’t willing to bear". NCBA members passed a resolution opposing the relocation of any bison outside the current GYA management area, the expansion of that area and any increase in the currently authorized GYA bison population.

26/1/2012 - Bozeman Daily Chronicle - With winter underway, battle over bison management rages on. Rather than focusing on issues such as cattle losses from disease, increasing production costs, and the monopolization of the meat-packing industry, the Montana Stockgrowers Association named bison management as a top priority for 2012. Walter “Watty” Taylor, president of the group, said it is “incredibly important that ranchers are included in these discussions. We have ongoing concerns about private property rights, the spread of brucellosis, and public safety,” he said. “No meaningful, lasting progress can be made on this issue without the involvement of the ranching community.”

22/1/2012 - Red Lodge Clearing House - Sheep advocates see prolonged battle over budget rider. Idaho Representative Seeks to Remove Forest Service Protections for Bighorn Sheep A rider proposed by Rep.Mike Simpson (R) represents another chapter in the agriculture industry's anti-wildlife agenda. His rider seeks to prohibit the agency from removing domestic sheep from PUBLIC LANDS that are believed to transmit a deadly respiratory disease to their wild Bighorn Sheep. On public lands, GWA believes that wildlife has priority over livestock, such as disease-carrying domestic sheep.

21/1/2012 - mtstandard.com - Bighorn Transplant Rejected. Farmers No Friend to Wildlife. In another example of farmers and ranchers demonstrating hostility to Montana wildlife, a planned reintroduction of Bighorn Sheep on public lands, by Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks was blocked by a group that included State Senator Terry Murphy. Murphy, who has received farm subsidy payments totaling $207,659 since 1995, expressed concerns that Bighorns would consume grass on his property stating ..."there’s a certain amount of competition for the forage”. In one fell swoop, months of planning and research by FWP went down the tubes as a result of hostility towards wildlife by Montana farmers and ranchers.



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